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We are the plain speaking IT experts


The simplest way to describe what we do at Haventrust is to say that we find solutions to problems.

Our whole business has been built on figuring out innovative, smart, well-considered and useful ways to resolve the issues our clients don’t have the time, the expertise, or the infrastructure to find solutions for themselves.

Our expertise spans across IT support and solutions, business systems and infrastructure. We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last ten years, from pioneering a robust remote infrastructure for a hotel chain’s self-check-in service to connecting their IT systems across several sites and continents in a pre-pandemic world. Providing stand-in finance resources and evolving an internal forecasting process during sudden personnel shifts, to the complex job of securing an expansive CCTV, intercom and computer network in a sensitive environment for 120 nurseries.

We frequently find solutions that don’t just resolve the small problem but evolve into improving the entire business infrastructure. We often work with businesses in growth mode, requiring tailored support rather than fixed options. Even more often, we find ourselves shapeshifting with our clients, working together for many years and flexing to their needs as they grow and change.

We genuinely get satisfaction from making life easier and better for our customers. This is why we love to stick around and adapt to the needs of long-term clients’ requirements; we have the expertise to draw from as and when it is needed. We are not at all motivated by finding short-term, expensive tech solutions that are not functional and become a burden, pushing businesses into corners and disrupting their potential. Instead, we transition businesses with connected, structured, monitored and maintained support systems.

That’s us, creative problem solvers and unsuspecting change makers.


We have a diverse skill set, meaning we can cover all bases.


Our mission is to help improve your business operations by providing innovative and robust solutions.

Creative problem solvers

We enable businesses to transform.  We don’t look at the problem in isolation, our best work comes from our ability to find innovative solutions, that support you to become pioneering in your field.

Invested partners

We are long-term collaborators. We provide flexible support that suits our clients needs, from giving general advice to fully managed IT services.


We only offer bespoke solutions, there is no fixed package. We listen, take stock and find ways to evolve your systems.

Skilled experts

We are a team of experts. We’re a skilled resource across many domains, meaning we always play to our strengths. We can cover a lot of ground between us!